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    solutionsITSBD designs and customizes its offerings to meet the unique requirements of each individual client. Our approach is a proven and straight-forward methodology.  Client involvement in every aspect of the process is a key factor in ensuring a successful engagement and a delighted customer. Regardless of the solution offering, our methodology remains the same.

    ITSBD works in-conjunction with its technology, services and software/application partners to offer a wide range of storage/information management solutions to address the needs of your business today and in the future.

    Our core services include the following:


    These are proven methodologies that allow businesses to accomplish more in today’s sobering economy. Whether at the server or storage level; the business agility, operating efficiencies and cost savings obtained can be enormous.

    Dynamic Tiered Storage

    Dynamic Tiered Storage allows virtual storage at a substantially lower cost. Infrastructure development and support is the key to our methodology. Since the value of information changes over time, there needs to be a mechanism that permits information to be moved
    securely and reliably within the storage infrastructure without interruption.

    Data Protection/Business Continuity

    Information is the life blood of all companies and without it business slows or comes to a halt. Our Data Protection/Business Continuity offerings are intended to deliver the Recovery Time (RT) and Recovery Point objectives needed to keep you in business and your customers happy.

    Information Archive

    Provide fast access to information when you need it. Why spend countless hours and money looking for information? Why deal with routine loss of productivity? Information archives are cost effectives solutions that help companies minimize risk.

    Data Deduplication

    Allows you to reduce the amount of physical storage required to storage your information. Store more for less. With information growing at
    an industry average of 60% per year, 8+ copies of the same information stored on disk, email growth at an all time high. Data deduplication
    is the backbone of backup/recovery and virtualization